Clinton or Sanders? Trump, Cruz or Rubio?

The Old Guy is not afraid to say that he is a liberal Democrat who currently supports Hillary Clinton.  Although we differ on some issues, I support her because I believe that she is by far the most qualified candidate to be President. I believe that she is smart, experienced, tough, compassionate and cares about the things that I care about.  And just as it was important for this country to elect an African-American President, it might even be more important to elect a woman.  (It would be great to elect someone, like Sanders, who appears to be an atheist, but polls indicate that that is not likely at this point).

But this is a music blog, so, do you prefer (George) Clinton:

or (Pharaoh) Sanders:

And for those of the more right-wing persuasion, what about (Karen) Trump:

or (Celia) Cruz:

or (Paulina) Rubio:

Sorry, I can’t find any musician named Kasich, and he has no real chance anyway (although, there is this)….

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