About Another Old Guy

This blog is an outgrowth of the music related writing that I started at Star Maker Machine.  There, I was first given a place to write about music, but often the themes gave me the opportunity to write about life, family, politics, religion and other things, as long as I could loosely tie it to a song.

My goal here is to keep using music as a way to write about many topics, including music, but without the biweekly theme structure of Star Maker Machine, and without concern for what any other writers do.

I know the world doesn’t need another random blog written by some old guy, I  don’t profess to be an expert, and I’m not a professional (unless someone wants to start paying me), but I have enjoyed doing this, both at Star Maker and Cover Me, and I’ve heard some nice things from readers (including some who aren’t related to me), so what the hell.


3 Responses to About Another Old Guy

  1. Michael Berg says:

    Hey , I support the movement. Cool stuff!


  2. Shawn says:

    I would love to send you some new stuff to consider. My artists are right in the vein of the Decemberists and the like.


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