Catching Up–SMM and Cover Me Cross-Posts


Between work, watching too much TV, getting more and more frustrated by this shitshow of a presidential campaign, and trying to will the Mets into the postseason, I have not been cross-posting my other music blogging.  So, it is time to catch up.

Here‘s a Star Maker Machine post about the mind-blowing guitarist Steve Tibbetts.

Here‘s another SMM post about my visit to the Newport Folk Festival in 2012, and how a Dawes song spoke to me at an unsettled time in my life.

And this is my latest SMM piece about Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays’ beautiful Bill Evans tribute, “September Fifteenth,” and my trip to Europe during the summer after junior year in college.

Speaking of beautiful, here‘s my latest Cover Me article focusing on an Under The Radar band, Hem.

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