Playlist For A Bad Day (And One For A Good Day)

I didn’t watch the inauguration.  I knew that it would make me ill to see such an unworthy, unqualified person become president of our already great nation (which, of course, has room for improvement, but not in the ways indicated by our new president).  I knew that I would be able to read about what happened without having to hear the new president’s arrogance or watch his preening, and I did (American carnage?  Really?)

Instead, throughout the day, I posted songs on my personal Facebook feed with lyrics, or in most cases, admittedly, just titles, that somehow struck me as appropriate for the day.  Not much thought went into the list–as something popped into my head, I found the video, and posted it.  Here they are:

The Mountain Goats–“This Year”

Most of the lyrics aren’t really relevant, but the chorus is: “I’m going to make it through this year/If it kills me.”

Steve Earle–“The Revolution Starts Now”

Death Cab for Cutie–“Million Dollar Loan”

Drive-By Truckers–“Hell No, I Ain’t Happy”

Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons–Puppet On A String

James Taylor–“Stand and Fight”

Skip Spence–“Little Hands”

Sector 27–“Not Ready”


Derek Trucks–“Evil Clown”

The Clash–“Know Your Rights”

A public service announcement with guitars.

Drive-By Truckers–“Ramon Casiano”

Not written about him, but it sounds like it could have been.

He had the makings of a leader
Of a certain kind of men
Who need to feel the world’s against them
Out to get them if it can

Last song–the more wistful original, not the better known angry cover.

Brinsley Schwarz-What’s So Funny ’bout Peace Love & Understanding”

The following day, I participated in the New York satellite of the Women’s March on Washington.  Before getting on the train to NYC, I posted:

Robert Randolph & The Family Band–“The March”

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